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Do Pescetarian-Friendly Bistros Exist?

I happened to catch the first half of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations: Paris (Why the French Don’t Suck) and decided I want to visit one of the classic, working-class bistros while I’m in Paris. The only problem is, I got to wondering whether I (a seafood-eating, almost-vegetarian) would be able to find anything to eat at a blue-collar bistro. After all, seafood is expensive.

Of course, Bourdain chowed down on plentiful platefuls of pork, ham and other delectable meats, but I have to remind myself that Bourdain’s never seemed like the biggest fan of veggies.

It’s surprisingly simple to translate French restaurant menus, simpler in fact than actually finding online menus for French restaurants. There’s plenty of recommendations, reviews and even news articles, but not many websites. It’s an interesting cultural difference, but very difficult for my control-freak mind to wrap itself around.

I better go brush up on my French. I have a feeling I’ll be reading a lot of those little chalkboard bistro menus.


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