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“Fare” Comparison, Not “Fair”

If you’ve ever researched flight prices through Kayak or one of the many other fare comparison websites, you may be losing money.

This isn’t my first time comparing fare comparison sites to individual websites, and what I’ve found is pretty alarming. And annoying. Every time I use Kayak (and other comparison sites,) I find that they advertise fares about $100 more than if you go directly through the website. And sometimes, they don’t even show you the same flights.

For example. According to one of the comparison sites, there is no PIT to PLZ flight that connects in Paris. But there is, I found it on Orbitz. And it’s cheaper than the cheapest fare according to the comparison site. Seriously?! What are they doing? Pocketing the extra money?!

Obviously there’s a reason they pump all this money into advertising – they’re not really offering you the best fare, they’re offering you an unfair rate that they hope you’ll accept because you didn’t do your research.

Thanks, Kayak, but I’ll do my own research.


102 days.


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