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Y-Up or Z Fare-for-all?

Since I haven’t booked my flight yet, I started looking into hidden first and business class fares. I had seen something about it before, so I Googled it and found a website called FareCompare. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how to use it.

Apparently the website is a bit like Kayak in that you can search several sites for airfare, but it takes it one step further. It supposedly offers unadvertised business and first class airfare that costs a fraction of the regular price. The website claims to have direct links to these deals, but whenever I type in the dates and destinations I want, it turns up nothing. Now I’ve tried this from multiple origin airports, on multiple dates . . . and nothing. I can find all the rates offered, but nothing on my dates. It pulls up available flights and class of seats along with price, but I can’t book it.

Has anyone else ever used these discounts before? I’m stumped. I found that certain countries call them Z fares instead of Y-Up fares (South Africa supposedly being one of them) – I wonder if there are separate websites for Z fares as opposed to Y-ups? SO confusing.

Honestly, I’ll probably just stick to coach either way, but I’m really curious whether the price difference is that fantastic.


101 days.


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