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Traveler’s Sickness

After getting hit hard with the flu yesterday, I’m recovering albeit slowly. Although I’m infinitely better than I was yesterday, it’s only because I had the luxury of resting all day. That’s not a luxury I will have if I get sick traveling, and fortunately, all of my Google searches for upset stomach remedies reminded me of the possibility of travel sickness.

I was surprised how many remedies for stomach ailments were also considered to be helpful for traveler’s sickness. It’s odd that so many people consider them to be interchangeable since traveler’s sickness typically has to do with diarrhea from food-borne bacteria.

For my own stateside flu bout, ginger-chamomille tea and raw, crushed garlic were the most beneficial supplements. I hope I’ll be able to find garlic easily overseas, particularly when I’m stranded on a wildlife reserve.

So I guess in addition to the shopping list I’ve been sent for volunteer supplies, I will need to stock up on some just-in-case remedies like hand sanitizer, Pepto and peppermint.

96 days.


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This entry was posted on January 31, 2012 by in Travel.
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