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The Other Type of Transfer

After all that talk of airplane transfers, I’m obligated to bring up the other type of transfer: wire transfers. I know I mentioned finding a new bank, but I found a better cheaper way to transfer my accommodation fees: Xoom.

I came across the website when my credit card was stolen, and I found it again. For $5.99 I can transfer up to a few thousand dollars to South Africa. Good fortune: South Africa is the only African country they service.

They also offer a pretty fair transfer rate that’s not far off what I find on XE. (Yay!)

And then comes there’s the bad news. Unfortunately I’m missing one of the key pieces of information about the receiving bank to complete the transfer. No fears, I have all the necessary contact information for the head of international transfers. Right?


Almost forgot about that pesky time change. By the time I sent the email here, it was at least 9 or 10pm in Port Elizabeth. On a Friday. I guess I’ll hear back Monday.

Like I said before, it’s a good thing I applied early.

92 days.


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