Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

Lesotho: The Country Within a Country

After a lot of frustration over trying to find the perfect European layover, I began to think perhaps I should just stay in South Africa. Maybe go to Cape Town. Or. How about this wonderful little lesser-known country completely surrounded by South Africa called Lesotho.

I found this odd little country while examining a map of Africa and trying to decide where in Africa I could schedule a layover. South Africa seems to be an African anomaly in terms of how easy it is to gain entry as an American. After researching a few places I would love to go – but wasn’t particularly keen on entry requirements – I noticed what looked like a country border – right in the middle of South Africa.

A country inside of a country? What?!

But there it was. Lesotho is a tiny country surrounded on all borders by South Africa. I’m really entranced by this tiny little country and the amazingly beautiful scenery. I’ve been researching it the past two days, and it seems about impossible to get there any way other than flying to the capital.

The capital is not very safe, and I’m traveling alone, so I’m very torn about this place. The Maletsunyane Waterfall is one of the tallest in the world, and the entire country sits at one of the highest altitudes. It’s only about $100 more than stopping over in Barcelona, but I’m absolutely stuck in the middle.

I keep going over the pros and cons, and they are just so very equal in my mind. I guess I have this sense of urgency while I’m over there to see and do as much as possible. If I don’t go now, it will definitely be added to my bucket list. And with flights to Africa being so expensive, it’s hard to say, Oh well, I’ll go next time. Next time may not be for awhile. Is it really worth it though? To only be there for a day?

I just need to remind myself there will be a next time.



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