Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

Disbelief and Unreality

It’s a very weird feeling to know that in less than three months I’ll be in a place I’ve always dreamed of. I have dreams about being there and missing out on something – I guess it’s anxiety that I won’t get absolutely everything out of my trip. But the funny thing is, when I wake up, it feels as though the whole trip was a dream, rather than just the part where I missed out on seeing a black rhino.

It’s been so long since I’ve been any place new that the idea isn’t frightening but just difficult to believe. I don’t really remember what it’s like to go some place totally different and be overwhelmed by the new experience. I’ve fallen into this rut – and I am entirely aware of it – in which I keep visiting the same places over and over and over. I love Disney World, but every time I go there, as much happiness as it gives me, I feel a bit drained knowing that I could have used that money to go somewhere extraordinary.

The same goes for my second trip to Las Vegas. It was my idea. I planned it. But mostly because a friend was celebrating a birthday, and I wanted her birthday to be great. So we booked a trip to Las Vegas because it’s where she’s always wanted to go. The total cost for about 4-5 days was $1100 with airfare, accommodations and all the drinking, eating, clubbing and gambling. Not bad. But that $1100 could have bought me a ticket to Europe or somewhere I’ve never been. I keep thinking, if you would just save your money a little longer, you could go somewhere amazing.

And new.

I don’t know if it’s the comfort of going some place I’ve already been or the fact that these are places that my friends will readily go with me. I guess that’s what’s so different about Africa. I have no one else counting down the days, no one looking up restaurants they want to eat at . . . none of the camaraderie that comes with traveling alone. And as much as I love the independence of solo traveling, it’s a bit lonely.

And without anyone else to plan and share with, it seems a bit, unreal.


4 comments on “Disbelief and Unreality

  1. spiritualworldtraveler
    February 11, 2012

    Where ate you going? I’m doing my first “solo” journey next week. Cairo for three months. I say “solo” because I have a couple of friends I met in my first trip there. I’m a bit nervous about getting lost or running out of $! LOL

    So I feel like I hypocrite saying, “You’ll be fine!”. But the truth is… We will!

    • veggieburgerblogger
      February 11, 2012

      Haha! Thank you for the encouragement – you will do great on your trip as well!!

      I’m going to South Africa for a little over a week, and planning some extended layovers for myself in Paris and another in, well, I have a few options still lol.

      I guess I’m not afraid of the solo part, but doing it alone makes it so…unbelievable. Are you flying alone? Or meeting up with the people you met last time?

      I would LOVE to go to Cairo!

      • spiritualworldtraveler
        February 11, 2012

        The people I know actually live there so I’ll be alone most of the time. I’ll be working US business hours so that’s covered. Lol

        I started a yearly journey to Egypt. My first is November. You should come! Details are on my blog. I’m really excited because last year I only knew my husband on the trip. This year I have a few friends coming. You should come!!

        I want to visit the rest of the African continent at some point! Enjoy SA! Look forward to seeing your photos!

      • veggieburgerblogger
        February 11, 2012

        That sounds like a lot of fun. My uncle used to travel over to Egypt every other year, but he hates flying and it kinda died out before I was old enough to join him lol.

        I will definitely check it out, although I am trying to go to Jamaica in the fall. Haha, I love traveling 🙂 Hopefully next year. I have been to a lot of different types of places, but never the desert! I bet it will be amazing. And three months! Lucky you:)

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