Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

My Travel Pledge

After yesterday’s post, I got to thinking. My trip to Africa doesn’t have to be the only time I travel somewhere new. As much as I love the places I’ve been (and I’ll probably go again and again,) it’s important go have new experiences, and travel is such a wonderful opportunity to do experience things outside your comfort zone.

So from now on, I promise to myself (and anyone who reads this) that I will travel somewhere new at least once per year. I guess that’s both an easy and difficult pledge to keep. I want to go out of the country at least once per year, but I also want to be able to keep this promise. I’ve been a lot of places in the US, so it’s not exactly cheating to include US destinations. And travel is about immersion into another culture, not how far away from home you can push yourself.

I just don’t want an inability to pay for a plane ticket hinder this pledge. It’s too important to me. I think it’s a fair compromise.

So here’s a few US destinations I want to see. I don’t even see them as a “backup” because I’ve wanted to go for so long.

New Orleans

ALASKA (all of it!)

Portland, Oregon

San Francisco

Seattle, Washington

Austin, Texas

Western Montana

Death Valley

Denver, Colorado

And just so the first trip I take after my African adventure is overseas, I purchased a LivingSocial voucher today for 5 days in Little Bay, Jamaica!

Unlike a lot of people my age, I’ve never had the opportunity to visit anywhere in the Caribbean. I’m so excited because the cabins are these beautiful seaside huts just a short walk to the beach. We’ll go on a cave tour, snorkeling and hopefully eating some authentic Jamaican cuisine. (I am an absolute Jamaican food fanatic!)

The trip is nowhere near planned, of course, and I have a full year to take advantage of the voucher. So first thing’s first: Africa.

But I can’t help but be excited for more travel opportunities!


(PS – if you’re interested in Little Bay Cabins in Jamaica, here’s my link to the deal. It’s only $400 for 5 nights which is why I jumped at the inexpensive opportunity to ensure I keep my travel pledge!)



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