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Price Drop on Plane Tickets

I just wanted to make a quick post to say that flight prices have dropped, at least in the Africa/Europe region. I checked all the prices yesterday, and everything dropped by at least $200. Today, the price for my top choice went up by about $20, so I think it’s just about time to jump on plane tickets.

I read somewhere that when you book a flight, it’s most important to pay the price you’re willing to pay as opposed to waiting around for the best price. Flight prices are so very unstable that you can never predict whether you’ll find a lower price than what’s being offered when you’re looking. If you have time, and you check a lot, you should buy when the price hits what you’re willing to pay.

And after seeing my desired flight drop from $1946 to $1723 (now $1743,) I think it’s time to buy my ticket! The only problem is that in buying my tickets, I’m sealing my fate as to my layover city. So, where to go?

I’ve unfortunately eliminated Istanbul (I want to cry) and Greece to help my dad sleep at night, since both places are a bit unsafe. He’s having a hard enough time with Africa – stopping over in a politically-tumultuous country would break his heart. And I know it’s only because he cares, so I’m going to respect that.

So: Barcelona? Edinburgh? or Genoa, Italy?

OK, I’m really between Genoa and Barcelona. There’s only a $5 difference.



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