Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

Birthday in Africa?

Yesterday, I began toying with the idea of switching my travel dates to some time in April, hoping to avoid making the difficult decision of where and with whom I’d be spending my birthday.

May 7th was a very carefully selected date. Khaya only starts projects once every other week, so the starting date is always on alternating Mondays. Although I only plan on being at the rehabilitation project for a single week, I wouldn’t be able to fly out until the following Tuesday. Considering the length of the flight, if I leave directly after my volunteer stint, I’ll be flying into the Pittsburgh airport around the 17th.

So my options when I arrive home are: visiting with my dad for a day before driving 8 hours to get home to my boyfriend. Or I can stay up north with my dad. My boyfriend’s birthday is actually May 1st, so it’s kinda sad that we’d be together for his and miss out on mine. My dad says he’s unconcerned whether I spend time with him for my birthday, but I can tell it bothers him.

As I mentioned before, I looked at other dates. April 9th? It’s the day after Easter, and we’re planning on spending it with my dad and family. April 23rd wouldn’t give me enough time to get home for my boyfriend’s birthday. And May 21st would mean leaving on or before my birthday and possibly missing our anniversary.

So May 7th it is. I don’t have a choice. But I’m beginning to think that instead of trying to decide who to spend my birthday with, I should think about where. No matter who I choose, I’m going to feel a little guilty, and someone will be disappointed. But it might be easier to just do what I really want and celebrate my birthday in a once-of-a-lifetime way – in Africa. Nobody will feel like I’m picking one over the other – including me.

If I can’t make everyone happy, maybe I’ll just give myself the best 26th birthday ever, even if it is away from my loved ones.


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