Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

Cape Town or the Wild Coast?

I’m really happy with my decision to stay in Africa through my birthday. It’s the first time I’ll be spending my birthday alone, and it feels a bit . . . exhilarating. Scary, but really exciting. I guess alone is a strong word – without people I know and love. Hopefully I’ll be spending it with new friends on safari.

Anyway, now that I’ve decided to stay, I’ve got to figure out where I’ll be spending that time. I’m still open to a trip up to Tanzania if the flight prices change, but more than likely, I’ll just be staying in South Africa. The two places I’m most interested in are Cape Town and the Wild Coast (particularly Mthatha).

I’ve found a really great bus service called Baz Bus that caters to individual travelers, mostly backpackers, and the bus works with shuttles to hostels that they work with. I think it will be an excellent opportunity to meet people who are in the same boat (or bus) as me, which I hadn’t really considered how I would do that beforehand. The cost for a seven-day hop-on hop-off bus pass is 1200ZAR or 155USD. Not bad to cover all my transportation needs for about a week.

Although the bus offers service from Cape Town to (and beyond) Mthatha, the days the bus run impact what I’ll be able to squeeze in. I probably could make a trip to both and either land back in Port Elizabeth or Cape Town to fly home, but it would be so rushed. I’m beginning to think one or the other so I can get the most out of the time.

So where do I go? I’m doing my research, and I’ve asked around if anyone’s been to either. Everyone seems to overwhelmingly tell me Cape Town, but none of them have been. Cape Town is well-known, so of course it’s what people will recommend. But I would love to hear anyone’s personal experience with either place.

If any have any personal stories, or blogs you like about South African travel, I’d welcome, love and appreciate the help.


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