Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

South Africa Itinerary

After a bit of consideration and a lot of research, I’ve decided that I’ll be taking the Garden Route from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, traveling via Baz Bus.

As disappointing as it is to miss out on the Wild Coast, everything I want to see there is also in (or along the way to) Cape Town. And much more that I wouldn’t get to see if I skipped Cape Town. I guess what it came down to was which I would regret missing more when I got home. With all that is along the Garden Route to Cape Town, I definitely couldn’t miss this opportunity.

So here’s the plan, although it isn’t set in stone yet:

Monday night I’ll be dropped back in Port Elizabeth at my hotel, most likely late at night. For that reason, I plan on sleeping in Tuesday and meandering about town at my leisure.

Wednesday: Depart Port Elizabeth to new locales, the first of which being Storms River. The photos are absolutely breathtaking and I’ve got a lead on a B&B called The Ploughman’s Rest. It looks so quaint and relaxing, though I’m not committing to anything just yet.

Friday: Depart Storms River around 10am and arrive in Wilderness around 2pm. Must make a visit to Cederberg and see the beautiful mountains. I’ll stay in this pristine beach town for two days.

Sunday: Depart Wilderness for Oudtshoorn and the Karoo! Ride an ostrich! See the Cango Caves!

Tuesday: The last leg of the trip to Cape Town, where I’ll stay until Thursday and fly home. I can’t imagine visiting South Africa without seeing this city.

So. Those are my plans. They’re much “looser” than usual, and I’m hoping to keep it somewhat informal. I will of course do some research on where to stay, but I’m trying not to make too many plans.

Seize the day and all that.


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