Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

Flight Confirmation Commitment

A flight confirmation number is more than just a plane ticket – it’s a commitment to your travel plans – and that’s something that makes me crazy. All this time that I’ve spent planning has left me with so many options, and I kind of enjoy the freedom of having these options. Should I fly home on Tuesday and skip Wilderness? Or Oudtshoorn? Or fly home Thursday and spend more time at backpacker hostels? How much money should I save up for all those hostels? Or what about for food?

All those what ifs pretty much need to be answered when you book your flight, and I’m very proud to say that the what ifs have finally been answered. I’ve committed to a flight and an itinerary. The final decision was to stay a full two weeks to make sure I had two days in Storms River, Wilderness, Oudtshoorn and Cape Town.

I still have to reserve my seat on the bus, choose my accommodations and book some safaris (and other activities perhaps?) but there’s something about booking a flight that suddenly makes all your travel plans seem real. It’s a little more than two months, and now that I have my plane ticket, it feels like it’s just around the corner.


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