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Checked Bags and Different Airlines

After the debacle of booking my tickets through Orbitz (and having them promptly returned,) I’ve been leaning (hard) towards booking through the airlines. There’s something nice about booking through airlines that just gives me some peace of mind. They also allow you to check bags. Fantastic! But just before booking my flight for the second time, I realized something:

Will I have to transfer my checked bags by hand if I’m traveling through two different airlines?

I’ve found that the cheapest route through the airlines is to simply book two separate tickets, one through South African Airways and the other through AirFrance. But as I was deciding just how much time I want between flights, I considered the possibility that I might have to go get my bags and go back through security. Is that a valid concern? Has anyone ever booked flights in this way before? If that’s the case, I’ll either have to deal with Orbitz or schedule some additional time between flights to move my bags around.

If anyone has any experience with this sort of thing – or even knows who I would talk to about this concern! – advice would be greatly appreciated. I would love to book my flight tonight, but I’m just a bit worried about this bag transfer bit.


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