Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

The Word of the Day is: Interlining

So it took me quite a few Google searches to find this fun new word, but apparently to find out if your bags will be transferred through to your final destination, this word is kinda important. As it turns out, airlines have agreements with each other about whether they will interline your bag from the original departure city through to the end arrival city, and it’s important to find out if the different airlines work with one another or not. After a 20 minute phone call, I discovered that AirFrance and South African Airways do, in fact, have an interlining agreement.

Unfortunately, sometime between 3pm and now, the flight price went up about $300 thanks to AirFrance. Not if I want 500 stops along the way, but if I want my simple 2 stop itinerary, I now have to pay $300 more than I would have at 3pm. So I reverted back to using Orbitz who, although still bumped the prices up over the past few hours, were offering a price similar to what I had originally planned on paying by going directly through the airlines.


The point is, I have a ticket. Unless Orbitz calls to tell me otherwise. I have 24 hours to purchase my travel insurance to get added benefits, but either way, my fingers are crossed that all of this research/work has been a step in the right direction.


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