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South African Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This is the first year I haven’t lived in what many people consider the Saint Patrick’s Capital of the country: Savannah, Georgia. After years of waking up to people sleeping on my lawn and parade horns sounding throughout the streets, I had no idea what to expect from Asheville. It’s normal for an entire city to be blocked off to traffic because there are a million green people wandering the streets – right?

Apparently not. I did my usual green prepping with some orange eyeshadow, headed downtown, and to my surprise, the streets were not flooded with rowdy Irish chanting and drinking green beer. Oh, that’s right. No open container law. But what about all the people in green? I would say no more than 1 in 10 people had any green at all on, and probably less than that. As we walked downtown, we were really over-greened, and even the most Irish bars weren’t terribly crowded.

So I started to wonder, if other places in the country do Saint Patrick’s Day so minimally, how do they do it around the world? And in particular, South Africa?

I found this interesting travel blog when I Googled the question, and got some interesting answers. It’s more about what you can do to celebrate in South Africa, but it offers some cool information. For example, one suggestion is to order a Springboks shooter – Sprinkboks being the name of the South African rugby team. The drink sounds amazing, and reminds me a bit of one of my faves here in the states, the Irish flag (Creme de Menthe, Bailey’s, Grand Marnier – layered, to create a visual Irish flag.) How do you make a Springboks shooter? It’s 1/3 each Amarula (my favorite,) Creme de Menthe and Bailey’s. See the similarity?

Cape Town seems to be the center of the Saint Patrick’s Day festivities, as evidenced on the blog. I looked up the Irish South African Association (did you even know that existed??) and they apparently have an annual St. Paddy’s Dinner and Dance.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Saint Patrick’s Day!


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