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To Africa and Back

International Plug Adapters

As enthused as I am about the outdoors, backpacking and in general, roughing it, there is one comfort of home that I don’t do well without: my flat iron.

Obviously when I’m camping, I will gladly throw my hair up and skip showers for days, greasy-ringlets-be-damned; however, when electricity is available, my flat iron is on my top 3 list of necessities. So as I was fighting with my flat iron’s cord and our sometimes-failing electrical socket, I remembered my trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Or more importantly, the odd-shaped socket holes requiring equally odd-shaped plugs.

I hadn’t even considered plug adapters in South Africa until that moment, probably because my prior overseas experiences either came with a list of items to bring (including plug converters) or I was too young to care about my hair. Now I could probably live that week of cheetah immersion sans flat iron, but I’m not so sure about traveling the Garden Route without.

So I wonder, what do South African plugs look like, anyway?

Ha. I have to admit I laughed when I first saw it. It is so incredibly different than our own, but not knowing much about how electricity and electrical outlets actually work, I’m sure it’s sufficient. I found one on Amazon for about $7 – do you think you can even buy plug converters anywhere else? I wouldn’t even know where to look.

Even though I have a great list of what to bring, it’s really only a good start. I’m realizing there are so many other items I’m going to need.


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