Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

Shopping Break – for South Africa, of course

I was supposed to go to the Goodwill today and buy some cheap clothes that would be appropriate for hunting with cheetahs and chopping up wild cat’s dinners.

I was supposed to find some khakis and neutral-colored outfits that wouldn’t alarm the cheetahs or the animals they were hunting as we went on walks.

What did I do?

I bought three new outfits plus 3 new tops for spring.

After sitting on Pinterest for about an hour last night, making pin boards of my ideal spring style, everything I was supposed to do went out the window when I walked into Goodwill. The one shirt that I found that would be quite perfect for my volunteer project – neutral colored, short-sleeved – I put back, justifying that it had a stain on it which meant I shouldn’t spend $3.75 on it.

Honestly, as I go over my purchases in my mind, there’s maybe one or two shirts I could bring on my trip that are appropriate. However, I think it was a much needed shopping spree, especially considering I only spent $35. And I think getting it out of my system early like this means I will be better focused on my next trip.

I hope.

On the bright side, I located my passport in a purse I haven’t used in months. Good thing, too, because if I had gone looking and not found it, I probably would have broken my bar stools looking for it.


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