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Hand Poked Tattoo?

Did a quick bit of research and the tattoo parlor Sins of Style in Cape Town came up again and again. The place comes highly recommended, and the photos of the tattoos are mostly fantastic. The only ones that I wasn’t fully impressed with were tattoos that were very different than the artist’s style. What really struck me, though, is that they had an entire section dedicated to hand poked tattoos, and I believe the one artist specializes in them.

I know that hand poked tattoos are one of the most painful things . . . ever. But I’ve also wanted one since I heard about them almost 10 years ago. I guess the reason it is so appealing in this instance is because I associate hand poked tattoos with a great deal of meaning – and what could possibly be more meaningful than this trip? It just seems like such a perfect match.

I talked to a friend who just got one done on his volunteer trip in Nepal, and he warned me how much it hurt. I haven’t made a decision one way or another, but it’s definitely something to consider.

And if anyone has any experience with hand poked tattoos, sharing your experiences/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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