Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

A Consulate General and More Booked Hostels

I have the incredible good fortune of having a friend who has traveled much of the world, including South Africa who has offered to get me some additional information on driving conditions in South Africa. I emailed him to ask if he has any recommendations about taking a backpacker’s bus (Baz Bus) or renting a car (because my dad is seriously concerned about the bus all of a sudden.) He got back to me today to let me know that he’d contacted a friend of his who is consulate general there to give me the latest information about road conditions, car-jackings, etc. I am so fortunate and so thankful because I know this type of information will help make a decision between renting a car and taking the bus – I’m hoping it weighs in my favor, and my dad will be more relaxed about me taking the bus! Either way, I will opt for the safer method because this is my first trip entirely solo; I want him to feel like I’m safe.

I’ve also booked three of my hostels in addition to the B&B in Port Elizabeth. I have confirmed my room and shuttle at Addo Elephant Park’s Orange Elephant backpacker’s hostel in Port Elizabeth, Tsitsikamma Backpacker’s Lodge in Storms River, and Victoria Bay Surf Lodge. The only one I’m waiting to confirm is 33 South Boutique in Cape Town – they have a room for me that I need to put a deposit on, which I will as soon as I figure out some credit card details.

Anyway, my trip is falling into place so easily that I’m surprised at my feeling of it being so far away. I guess that’s a good thing though, right? It’s a wonderful luxury to be ahead in all of my planning and booking. Leaves room for all my anticipation đŸ™‚



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