Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

Bye-Bye, Bus; Hello, Other-side-of-the-road Driving!

Allergies and indecisiveness have kept me away for a few days, but I’m happy to report that I am officially under the one month mark before embarking on my awesome African adventure! I am so excited! I have had a few hiccups in my plans the past few days, but I am working to remedy things.

Since my last post, I have booked all of my hostels except in Cape Town. I have changed my stay time in Vic Bay from 2 days to 4 (although that might change to 3) so I can go to the Oudtshoorn to ride ostriches and see the Cango Caves. I have decided to rent a car instead of take the Baz Bus – thanks to my friend who checked on the driving conditions for me. I’ll have to find a car rental company who accepts American driver’s licenses (some require international licenses,) but it will mark my first time driving on the other side of the road!

I’m currently searching to find a great place to stay in Cape Town – I’m thinking of treating myself to a nice hotel for a couple of reasons. First, the hostel I was planning to go with – 33 South Boutique – kept avoiding my question when I emailed them. At one point, they just ignored me until I emailed again; then they just ignored my question. So I don’t want to stay there. Second, I expect to be exhausted by the end of this adventure, and it might be nice to stay in a hotel as a means of relaxation. If anyone has any recommendations, they would be much appreciated. I have a few front runners bookmarked, but since I’m traveling during low season, I’m not too concerned about it becoming booked up!

I’m also considering stopping at Botlierskop, a private reserve in Mossel Bay, to go for a 2 hour horseback safari. And maybe have lunch with the elephants? Who knows! I haven’t seen horseback safaris at any of the places I’m staying, and a car would afford me the luxury of stopping wherever I please, even if it’s not on the bus route. 

I still need to purchase my travel/medical insurance – I’m holding out until I book my car and hotel so I can add it in to the total insurance coverage. Other than that, I’ll order my plug adaptor in the next few days and maybe pick up some safari-worthy clothing at Goodwill. And I can’t forget my second round of Twinrix – I may also need a measles booster, which I’m not looking forward to!

29 days!


2 comments on “Bye-Bye, Bus; Hello, Other-side-of-the-road Driving!

  1. Spiritual World Traveler
    April 4, 2012

    You are a fierce planner! Less than a month! I’m excited to be on this journey with you… I’m SO living through your blog! 😀

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