Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

Camera? Check! International Driver’s License? . . .

I got my new camera yesterday, and it’s absolutely beautiful! We had a bit of sticker shock once we got everything – my dad decided to also get me a memory card, laptop card reader (to plug in the USB drive,) lens protector and a really fantastic camera bag. I’ve never seen anything like it before – the one strap goes across the chest and snaps in front. When you’re ready to use it, you just slide it to the front where you can easily access the camera via zipper. And there’s plenty of room for other goodies in the bajillion zippers. It’s perfect for hiking and safari!

Tomorrow I’m going in to YM Camera for a lesson on using the camera since it’s my first digital SLR. Although I turned it on today, that was about as far as I got. I’m hoping the employee who helped us the first day is there because he was a lot more informative than the one we actually purchased the camera from. The guy yesterday told me I could always put it on auto and I’d get “pretty good” pictures. Why would I want $1100 worth of camera equipment for “pretty good” pictures?!

Now, my new challenge has presented itself. I’ve checked two car rental companies available at the Port Elizabeth airport, and both of them require an international driver’s license. I emailed one because I have to renew my license and I apparently need proof that I’ve had a license for 2-3 years or more, depending on the rental agency. Which means I’m going to have to convince the people at the DMV to let me keep my license. Great. I’m now looking for a rental company with a bit more lax requirements. Crossing my fingers! Off to research before bed.


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