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Choices, Choices – Cape Town Hotels

Booked my Thrifty car rental! I booked through AAA and got my confirmation email. That’s one more thing to check off my list! I’ve been debating between two hotels in Cape Town, so I thought I’d post them here to see if anyone has opinions.

The first is Four Rosmead, a beautiful boutique hotel situated in the slopes of Table Mountain. The rooms are beautiful. Even though it’s more expensive, it offers fantastic views of Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak. They offer a continental or full English breakfast included in the price, and it’s within walking distance of Kloof Street which is dotted with shops and restaurants. I found this blog about the restaurants on Kloof Street that will be really helpful if I stay here. 

The second option is 51 on Camps Bay. I could stay in the nicest room for less than the cost of any room at Four Rosmead. That nicest room has a beautiful wraparound private balcony overlooking Camp’s Bay and the ocean. It’s just enchantingly beautiful – and it’s a short walk to some lovely beachfront shops and restaurants. 

To be honest, I’m not sure I will end up making a decision between the two; rather, I may book one night at and one and two at the other. So the question becomes, which one should I spend more time at? I’m leaning towards spending my first two nights at Camp’s Bay then spending my last night at Four Rosmead. Any suggestions are welcome, though!

17 days!!!


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