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Good Fortune and a Driver’s License

Today was the day that everything just fell into place, and it all started with the arrival of my brand new North Carolina driver’s license.

Wait, let’s take a step back.

I headed out this morning to have lunch with my boyfriend and run a few errands along the way. Lunch was in the same direction as the travel clinic and the pharmacy was on the way back. So our plan was pharmacy, lunch, travel clinic, pharmacy, mailbox . . . home. I did a good bit of waiting for all of the aforementioned items – even lunch! – but none of that matter when we got home and my boyfriend returned from the mailbox with a little white envelope with a return address from Raleigh.

Driver’s license at last!!

I had been feeling tired, but having this last piece of the puzzle fall into my lap perked me up, so I decided to make the most of my time. I submitted some writing that I was running really late on, then hopped in my car and sped off to AAA. More waiting, but within about twenty minutes I had my very first International Driving Permit. If you’ve been keeping track like I have, that’s the absolute last important document that remained on my list until today. I’ve since organized everything into a neat little pile for packing.

I’ve also had the good fortune to get responses from all but one of the places I emailed yesterday. Botlierskop does twice daily horseback safaris, and I will be able to book regardless of how many people are booked for the ride. My Highlands safari through Addo and Schotia are also on track for the 15th, save a few details about getting there and back. The real city tour I wanted to take in Port Elizabeth on the 6th requires more than one guest (it wouldn’t really be much fun by myself anyway!) so I have a provisional booking that may or may not go through based on whether others book that date. I also heard back from both lodges – I am still torn! They both offer a shuttle, but it’s much cheaper to simply extend my car rental. Today has been extremely productive.

Like I said last night, today is for packing, but really it turned into the nighttime being for packing. I’m home now, well fed, and I have all my clothes set out to pick and choose what to bring with me. The other stuff is well-accounted for, and mostly separated into bags. So bring on the Harry Potter!

I can’t believe I leave in 3 days!


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