Viva L'Afrique!

To Africa and Back

. . . and Back Again

I am sad to say that the wonderful experience that was my first trip to Africa has come to end; however, I will finally be able to share all of the amazing memories and photographs that came along with the adventure.

I quickly made the decision while in Africa to refrain from posting my day-to-day journey. Why? For one, the time I’d need to explain in detail (up to my own standard) my daily activities would hinder one of two things: the time afforded to actually do things to write about, or my sleep would suffer. (Thus ruining my motivation to do anything.)

My other reason was that the internet was so slow and frustrating there that I wrote up a few articles (or a few paragraphs, maybe) only to have the internet shut down on me. South Africa only has one internet provider, and this monopoly on internet services means there’s no need to be the fastest or cheapest since there’s no competition. (I have been told that is about to change, though!)

I’ve kept notes of my adventure, so I’ll still be keeping a daily journal on here – with a month-long delay.

I will also be uploading some of the photos. I say some because I took over 3000. Please be patient though because they will most likely need decompressed as they are very large. At least, large enough that I could not send them via Gmail without decompression.

I also can’t wait to check out where everyone else has been during my WordPress absence!


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